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Recorded Live at the Last Day Saloon, Santa Rosa, CA

Song List:

Can't Put You Down
Love Dog House
No Trouble
Back To Louisiana
Back It Up (New!)
Sum A Dat (New!)
Iko Iko
Let Me Love You

"I've been knowin' Johnny and these cat's for a long time. They sound as good as me! I always knew they were cold blooded and throwin' bricks. Check these dude's out!" Art Neville NOLA



Can't Put You Down

All words and music written by Campbell, except songs 2 &10 written by Campbell, McKenzie, and Whittington. Song 4 written by Campbell, Gilroy, McKenzie, Whittington, Shuster and Griffith.
Art Neville appears courtesy of Columbia Records.
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Venture Beyond Records
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Back To Louisiana
Off the Shelf
Wall Of Stone
CD's are available at The Pulsators' gigs. Talk to Phyllis, she can set you up with CD's, T's and other Pulsator paraphernalia.

All songs written by Johnny Campbell except LoveDogHouse written by the Pulsators. Song 3 written by Campbell and Shuster.
Recorded at Prarie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA
Venture Beyond Records
1. E.O.C., Piano: Stu Blank
2. Heaven, Percussion: J.C. and Jeffery Sloan
3. Heart of Reaction,
4. Dancin' Mood
5. Look to My Left, Percussion: J.C., Jeffery Sloan and Ian McKenzie, Organ: Steve Buck
6. LoveDogHouse, Additional horns: Al Garth, For Hapster
7. I've Got a Feeling, Extra guitar: Dave Carlson, Backup Vocals: Robin Jenkins and Moira Marquis
8. Take a Chance, Arranged by: the Pulsators, Steve Peterson and Eugene, Bass: Mooka Renick, Percussion: Bill Griffith and J.C.
9. Can't Walk Away, Arranged by: the Pulsators and Eugene, Organ: Steve Buck, Dedicated to Clive
10. Close to the Fire, Percussion: J.C. and Jeffery Sloan
11. Same Old, Same Old
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